Coleman County


Coleman County, TX
The Lodge at Santa Anna

If you are looking for affordable FAIR CHASE hunting with lots of opportunity, mild weather, and great people this place is for you. Our outfitter in Coleman County, Texas is a family centered outfit and you will find that honesty and integrity are the at the heart of our 20+ year operation. We have exclusive rights to more than 40,000 acres and our lodge is located in the town of Santa Anna, Texas. All of our ranches are managed for low pressure and the team knows every one of them well.

Whitetail – $2,300 and up We aim to hunt less than 1/3 of the land for whitetail in any given year and encourage our clients to be selective on which bucks they harvest. As a result of our low pressure approach, our whitetail hunts average sightings of several bucks each day, and most hunters will encounter multiple “shooter bucks” during the hunt. The low pressure, combined with harvesting mature bucks, results in very high productivity. Most of our clients choose 3-day hunts, which is typically the right amount of time to enjoy the hunt and find the buck you are happy to harvest. Additional days may be added according to availability in our lodge. Our whitetail hunts are primarily stand or blind hunts over feeders, where you will be watching deer of all age classes come out of the brush to feed and check does. Archery hunters will find this hunt to be one of the best opportunities in the United States to kill a Pope and Young buck. These hunts are semi-guided in nature, unless special arrangements are made prior. Your guide will escort you to your stand and discuss any particular deer that you might want to target from their year-round scouting efforts

Management Hunt: $2,300 Trophy Hunt(more than 150”): $4,500 Hunters may request a guide to sit with them for an additional $400. Hunts are 3 nights/3 days, lodging included. Meals can be added for $100 per person, per day.

Rio Grande Turkey – $1,200 Turkeys have been our flagship species for two decades and we know how to put our clients on birds. Check a few of our references and you will find our clients return often to hunt what we consider to be the most “fun” subspecies. You will typically find yourself immersed in gobbling turkeys that haven’t been over hunted. The low pressure results in very high productivity and 2 day hunts typically prove to be more than adequate. These hunts are semi-guided, unless special arrangements are made prior. Your guide will escort you to a heavily scouted area and point you in the right direction, as well as discussing the typical patterns of the birds, etc. We will always have plenty of very productive ground blind setups and work very hard to keep these in the red zone. Of course, we always accommodate the run & gun style hunters. Hunts are 2 days/2 nights and include lodging. Hunters may upgrade to a 1:1 guided hunt for an additional $400. Meals can be added for $100 per hunter, per day.

Hog & Dove Combo – $600 You will typically find lots of birds on thousands of acres of managed fields across our area. We know how to do it and love what we do. We invite you to come and experience the Dove Hunting Capital of the United States with us. September through October 1, pending Dove season dates. 2 days/2 nights, lodging included 2 dove hunts/2 hog hunts over feeders Day 1: Arrive before 3:00 PM, PM hunt Day 2: AM & PM hunt Day 3: AM hunt (may dove hunt in evening if limit allows), depart

These additional hunts can be added to most hunts, package pricing on request: *Hog Hunting: $175/day *Quail Hunts & Exotics: Pricing on request *Varmints: 4-6 hour night hunts @ $200/person, 2 person minimum * = Lodging not included in pricing

“I met Mike Pritchard over 25 years ago when he helped me salvage a hunt that was headed downhill fast. He didn’t know me from Adam but put his hand out to help a man in need. Since that spring decades ago we have become close friends. His hunting operation is unique for many reasons. He cares about people, he has access to thousands of acres where he has lived his whole life and above all he is trustworthy. I take people to hunt with Mike because I know it’s going to be fun, safe and a great authentic Texas experience. He is a great man a great friend and truly one of a kind. I highly recommend him but only if your interested in a quality hunt that fits your  budget and if your willing to make a new friend.” 

Cuz Strickland